Aerosol Flame Reactor Nozzle Hybrid parts in Inconel 718, 2.4668

Market Release: Industrialisation and serial production of Nozzles used in the production of submicron un- agglomerated solid crystalline particles in an aerosol flame reactor by a spray pyrolysis method. Melotte’s engineering capabilities and experience in Inconel 718 conventional machining in combination with the Near-To-Net-Shape DDM methods are key in the product re-engineering of these process critical parts. The re-engineered part is hybrid and versatile. It took us about 4 months to run the entire project. We've used following features:
- 3D modeling and reverse engineering of complex features via optical scanning (free forms) and mechanical property analysis (Conventional versus Layered Manufactured)
- Thermodynamic analysis on nozzle outlet. (influence thermal expansion on booster properties)
- Complete Part production and assembly from Solid to Model (Direct Manufacturing & high-end component finishing)
- Industrialisation R&D and process definition, 200 parts/year
We thank our customer for giving us the ability to share this project with our Blogreaders! Thanks Phil!

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