Melotte on CANVAS - 29/12 at 10.10 pm

In August Melotte published "Light weight solutions based on DDM Technology" and "The revolutionary e-Texturing in Digital Manufacturing" on this blog.
Today we are proud to present live images of the development, design and manufacturing of the mono-block full titanium lightweight steering wheel of the Belgian "Umicar Inspire" Solar car. Now Melotte Direct Digital Manufacturing is in the picture thanks to a documentary on Belgian television about 14 students' adventure participating in the World Solar Challenge for Solar Cars in Australia.

During the last 6 months a television crew filmed these students as well as their sponsors which are all Belgian high tech companies.
http://video.canvas.be/solar-race-australie-afl-1-innovatief-stuur you will see the fragment where the project highlights Melotte's DDM participation.

Melotte's CEO, Mr Mario Fleurinck, and his team take this opportunity to wish all blog readers a MERRY CHRISTMAS and CREATIVE & INSPIRING 2010.

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