Micro Polymer Production Device

Today we’ve produced a gas dispersion device in 1.2344 (H13) material, after melting we measured a hardness of 50 Hrc. The rendered image shows internal channels (catalyst dispersion) and an in-part filter. Although we’re very exited about the results we need to further investigate the shrinking coefficient. We believe that the next batch will be closer to the Near-To-Net-Shape. Next Monday the part will be shipped to our customer’s premises and assembled into the high pressure micro Polymer Production Plant. During the next trial the internal channels will be extrude honed in order to improve the flow of the catalyst material. This will allow us to deliver finished devices within 4 working days and the mirror and catalyst position might vary from batch to batch. The material is dense and easy to polish. The micro porosities on the surface are in line with commercially sourced 1.2344 raw material. We’re happy with the result and look forward to the WEEKEND! Cheers! Next week we start production of a free form device made out of Inconell! I’ll report on our finding next week.

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