718, Inconell Oil Drilling Head

Market Release: For a customer active in the Oil & Gas industry we've produced a drilling head out of 718 Inconell super alloy. The part weight is about 3 kg and it took us many hours to have this part melted. After melting the part has been moved to our 5 axis milling machines for finishing. After finishing the part has been DLC coated, lapped and assembled. All other parts are made in a conventional way. The final assembly was send to the customer for testing purposes. A destructive analysis was made on the drilling head. The final outcome is positive, the tests have proved that the melted parts has identical material properties. RM allows us to adapt the drilling head geometry in relation to the drilling principles. The customer agreed to run a new batch with different geometries and to tests these again. The expertise built on this project will be used to further develop the Super Alloys Market, Inconell is widely spread into very demanding environments. We believe that miniaturisation of Inconell parts might become an interesting new business for Melotte's DDM solutions.

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