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Today we managed to produce Titanium parts with very small internal channels. The channel diameter is 0.4 mm, and combines 3 difficult parts in one unique feature. Next monday we will come with pictures of the finished part and a transparant 3D model. This is perfect news to step into the weekend! This sunday the Melotte running team will be competing at "Dwars door Hasselt"! We cross our fingers! We're confident! Do not hesitate to comment on the different topics! We're happy to see our business growing and we greet our new co-workers in Bangalore (India). Hello to the University of Stavanger, our new customer in medical implants! We welcome Mr. Britsen, Melotte's Technology Interface Manager in the US. We thank our new interested blog readers! Do not hesitate to comment on our postings. We really apreciate the phone calls but insist to put your questions & answers on the blog! This will help all Layered Manufacturing users to move forward! Cheers! Mario


Ruben, CPI said...

Hello Marc en Chistoph,

Today we received the SLM compressor parts. They look great, the blade contour is sharp and smooth. Would it be possible to bring them to an even better surface finish. We did some test on the machine running at 11.000 RPM. Vibrations are lower compaired to the OEM LW parts. the air tmperature is 5 °C higher (HP side). This could be improved by smoothening the blade surface. I've put in another order for 10 units to be delivered next wednesday the latest. Let us know how we can help and keep up surprising us! Thanks folks! Regard, Ruben (By the way, it's indian fall and a perfect moment to visit Canada. Next week I'll be returing to Denmark!

Marc said...

Hello Ruben,

Thanks for your feedback. In the meantime we've rebuild the parts. We changed the processing parameters and changed the grainsize on our polishing. We measure on the blade surface .1 Ra

We did a runtest on the machine, the counterbalance is good. The temperature on the HP side should be lower now. Even lower as with the OEM part. By the way, I talked to Mario about visiting you in Canada.... He told me that if we reach 500 parts this year he would pay me a trip to Canada! Sometimes he's a good boss (sorry Mario)
Let us know when you recieve the parts.Our new colleague Dirk will now concentrate on compressor parts. I will stay tuned but unfortunately it's growing that fast that we need to adapt our structure! Kind regards,Marc