1.4404 (316L) Static Mixer

Market Release: For a customer active in the Polymer Processing & Analysis Industry we’ve produced a Static Mixer out of 1.4404 (316L, Stainless Steel). The original OEM solution is an assembly of three main components; a cylindrical body, a gas sprayer device (two gases) and a freeform Helix. Combining these parts in one unique assembly creates a very innovative Static Mixer device with an enhanced operational window. The cylindrical shape can be replaced by a curved one and fitted into a free form assembly environment. In the outer shell we might add extra thermal and monitoring devices. Static mixers are mainly used in liquid, gas, powder and low liquid emulsion transport. We will now further develop free form mixers and add these to our product portfolio. Free from manufacturing allows us to step out the conventional paradigm by replacing the cylindrical helix by free form and/or rectangular shaped transport Helixes. Clockwise and counterclockwise devices can be merged into one without difficult reshaping. The Helix surface finish requirements are mirror polish, in the coming weeks we will inform you more about our developments in finishing technologies. Feel free to comment on this development!

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Jyoti said...

It was Interesting reading about the new static mixer invention.Would surly refer friends to go through this.