Press Conference Melotte Direct Digital Manufacturing

Press Conference Direct Digital Manufacturing@Melotte:

Melotte today organized a press conference at its headquarters to brief Belgian journalists on its pioneering role in the direct digital manufacturing of medical implants. Today, Melotte is the only company in the world capable of supplying the medical sector worldwide with ready-to-use implants in titanium, only 36 hours after providing a CT scan. E.g. data of a person in South-Africa undergoing heart surgery are sent via a CT scan from the local hospital to Zonhoven - only 36 hours later the new heart valves arrive at the local hospital. CEO Mario Fleurinck took the occasion to demonstrate Melotte’s unique competences in layered manufacturing, by commenting to the much interested press audience on the full process, from the online data delivery to modeling the patient’s unique implant in titanium, and to the digital production and final shipment of the implant to customers worldwide. The press conference (organized in collaboration with Voka Limburg, the local chamber of commerce) was a unique opportunity to show Melotte’s unique competences in the digital manufacturing of a.o. dental implants, skull plates or heart valves. Moreover, Melotte provided a glimpse of future applications that will undoubtedly change the known and current manufacturing technologies.

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