Aluminum Rapid Manufacturing combined with Optical Scanning proves the DDM concept

Market Release: Although many customers are taking measures to overcome the current recession we’re still very active in developing front-end prototyping solutions. Customers are looking for savings and they decide to switch prototyping from conventional CAD/CAM oriented Milling programs towards DDM. We’re currently running substantial numbers of Aluminum DDM prototyping projects. In many cases the DDM part price does not exceed the programming cost for conventional prototyping. Some time ago we’ve decided to add optical scanning to our portfolio. Today we’re proud to announce the full integration of DDM with optical scanning (compare & dimensional checks) and Microtomography for mechanical property analysis. paris hilton

The picture above shows a picture of our optical scanning while interpreting a precise Rapid manufactured OEM Aluminum part. Part tolerances, after robot enhanced 5-axis milling, of +/- 5µm are optically scanned and compared in an automated way. Compared to the conventional prototyping costs have been reduced with about 26% and the production lead-time has dropped by over 80%.

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