Symbiosis of DDM and Conventional Processes

A few years ago Melotte announced Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM) as part of its strategic diversification and innovative complement to the existing high precision manufacturing methods.
Today Melotte's co-workers are proud to highlight the symbiosis of DDM and high-end NC machining.

You will find out more about Melotte's Digital Factory by clicking below.

At Melotte we move step-by-step towards fully integrated digital manufacturing. Last year we ran a lot of manufacturing batches based on the combination of additive manufacturing processes and high-end NC machining. Both on economics and environmental impact we score excellent figures. Nevertheless we aim at using the best suitable technology for each project. Some are specific for DDM while others still remain conventional tracks.

For your information, a complete set of aluminum housing (5 parts) was delivered in five working days at a cost of about 1.600 €.

Enjoy the movie!

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