Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM) at a glance

Mario, CEO Melotte, is a passionate serial entrepreneur who believes that technology and manufacturing are playing a significant role in redesigning social economic models. Following the success of Melotte’s Direct Digital Manufacturing (http://www.melotte.be/) Mario is asked frequently to share his vision with a various public of entrepeneurs, politicians, influentials and students. Melotte is pleased to announce on his blog upcoming events where Mario is invited as one of the selected keynote speakers. He starts next month at the

BLUE ECONOMY CONFERENCE, 03.11.2011 (Brussels’ Heizel, Belgium)

JCI will present an Expert Day based on the Blue economy, Green Energy and Corporate Social Responsibility.

The aim of this Expert Day is to provide examples of how to ensure the change is positive and bring out the strengths we are all capable of. Our goal is to give every attendee the inspiration to think creatively and to act innovatively within their own personal and professional environment.”

At this event Mario will give a unique combined presentation “Direct Digital Manufacturing for Growth” together with Juul Vanleysen (founder of Holistic Architecture 50 │ 5 and CVO – founder of MaterialSource) and Serge de Gheldere (Design Engineer and Founder/CEO of Futureproofed. Together they will link their personal experiences with the ‘new’ world of the blue economy and green technology.

Please have a look at http://www.blueeconomy.be for more information.

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